About the Project

The goal of the Dog Aging Project is to understand how genes, lifestyle, and environment influence aging. We want to use that information to help pets and people increase healthspan, the period of life spent free from disease.

challenge of aging

Challenge of Aging

Healthy aging means being able to stay active and free from major disease for the duration of life. But too often, getting older is characterized by debilitating decline. What if we could better understand the biological and environmental factors that influence aging? Studies like the Dog Aging Project will inform the next generation of medicine, keeping us healthier, longer.

challenge of aging

Science's Best Friend

Studying aging in humans is challenging and expensive. But dogs truly are science’s best friends. Even though they age more rapidly than humans, they get the same diseases of aging, they are genetically diverse, and they share our environment. By studying aging in dogs, we can more quickly expand our knowledge of the aging process not just in dogs but in humans too!

challenge of aging

Culture of Collaboration

The Dog Aging Project has assembled an impressive team of researchers to expand our knowledge of the aging process. Our culture of collaboration fosters creative partnerships, which include experts from diverse disciplines at top research institutions. By working together with dog owners, we have an unprecedented opportunity to find new and innovative health solutions.

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Project Journey

Project Journey

Dogs and their owners are the heart of the Dog Aging Project. If you nominate your dog, you’ll have the opportunity to partner with our research team as a citizen scientist. We’ll ask you to fill out surveys about your dog’s health and life experience. We’ll provide you with a kit to sample your dog’s saliva for genetic testing. We may ask you to complete special activities with your dog and report back on their performance. Our goal is to make the experience easy and fun for you and your dog. We hope you’ll join our team as we work together to accelerate medical breakthroughs for dogs and humans.

The DAP Research Data Privacy Commitment

The Dog Aging Project is committed to protecting our participants’ privacy and the security of their personal information. Our online privacy policy is available HERE. Our research data privacy commitment is summarized below.

  • We respect the privacy of everyone associated with the Dog Aging Project and recognize that our research participants have volunteered to share their time and information with the DAP team in order to contribute to our scientific research.
  • The personally identifying information of our participants, such as name and contact information, is encrypted and stored in a secure database.
  • The DAP will never sell or share participant contact information.
  • Canine health data are stored in our secure database under a unique identification number. This number does not include your actual name, address, or personally identifying information.
  • Only select DAP staff have access to the link between a dog owner’s personally identifying information and their dog’s health data.
  • When we share canine health data with our trusted research partners, these data do not include personally identifying information.
  • The DAP will make all reasonable efforts within the law to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of participant data.
  • In the unlikely case of a security breach, we will inform participants promptly.

Click HERE to read our full research data privacy policy.