Rapamycin for Anti-Aging in Dogs and Perhaps in Humans

Published on July 3, 2019

Rapamycin is a chemical produced by soil bacteria. In lab experiments, the chemical has significantly…

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Wellness Profile: Dog Aging Project Taps Rapamycin for Longevity

Published on March 4, 2019

Man’s best friend is now the focus of the Dog Aging Project, a comprehensive study…

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Texas A&M Vet School testing drug meant to help aging dogs

Published on October 22, 2018

COLLEGE STATION, Tex. (KBTX) – Veterinarians at the Texas A&M Small Animal Hospital are looking…

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How can dogs live longer? New hope on the horizon

Published on August 26, 2018

I bet just about every dog owner asks, “How can dogs live longer?” We love…

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Rapamycin and Dogs — Man’s Best Friends?

Published on August 20, 2018

Matt is someone who is deeply interested in understanding the biology of aging. Why do…

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Dr. Matt Kaeberlein — The Dog Aging Project

Published on May 28, 2018

As we discussed in a recent article about Prof. George Church’s new startup, endeavors to…

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New tricks from old dogs join the fight against ageing

Published on December 13, 2017

The drive to find treatments that offer a long and healthy life is maturing.

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Love Your Dog, Support Animal Research

Published on September 17, 2017

Dog owners may soon be able to add years to their pets’ lives, thanks to…

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Your dog could live years longer thanks to a new drug

Published on March 4, 2017

They say every dog has its day, but your dog could have a lot more…

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