Application for Access to Dog Aging Project Curated Data



About Dog Aging Project Curated Data

Dog Aging Project (DAP) data consist of an extensive set of anonymized variables collected from tens of thousands of dogs. Data types include survey data, environmental data, and biospecimen lab results, among other data types.

Curated data are released annually and made available via the Terra platform to researchers worldwide for use in scientific research, educational applications, and/or investigative journalism through this application portal. These data are not to be used for commercial purposes or redistributed to third parties.

DAP data are described in quality-checked codebooks, which are available in a public Terra workspace as well as our public GitHub repository. All metadata are also publicly available on Terra and GitHub.

For more information, please refer to our Open Data Initative FAQs.

Overview of the Data Access Process

Complete the Application for Data Access

Review and sign the DAP Data Use Agreement

Receive data access credentials to Terra

Start doing science!


If you are affiliated with a corporate or for-profit entity and you intend to use these data for commercial purposes, we have a separate process for negotiating data use. Please contact for more details. Do not proceed with this application.