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Age and Physical Activity Levels in Companion Dogs: Results from the Dog Aging Project

Lee H, Collins D, Creevy KE, Promislow DE, Dog Aging Project Consortium

Once-daily feeding is associated with better health in companion dogs: results from the Dog Aging Project

Bray E, Zheng Z, Tolbert MK, McCoy BM, Dog Aging Project Consortium, Kaeberlein M, Kerr K

An open science study of ageing in companion dogs

Creevy KE, Akey JM, Kaeberlein M, Promislow DEL & The Dog Aging Project Consortium

Dog Models of Aging

Ruple A, MacLean E, Snyder-Mackler N, Creevy KE, Promislow DE

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) scores correlate with amyloid beta 42 levels in dog brain tissue

Urfer, S.R., Darvas, M., Czeibert, K. et al

Healthy, Active Aging for People and Dogs

McCune S, Promislow D

Age influences domestic dog cognitive performance independent of average breed lifespan

Watowich MM, MacLean EL, Hare B, Call J, Kaminski J, Miklósi Á, Snyder-Mackler N.

Lifespan of companion dogs seen in three independent primary care veterinary clinics in the United States.

Urfer SR, Kaeberlein M, Promislow DEL, Creevy KE.

Humanity's Best Friend: A Dog-Centric Approach to Addressing Global Challenges

Sykes N, Beirne P, Horowitz A, Jones I, Kalof L, Karlsson E, King T, Litwak H, McDonald RA, Murphy LJ, Pemberton N, Promislow D, Rowan A, Stahl PW, Tehrani J, Tourigny E, Wynne CDL, Strauss E, Larson G.

Body size, inbreeding, and lifespan in domestic dogs

Yordy J, Kraus C, Hayward JJ, White ME, Shannon LM, Creevy KE, Promislow DEL, Boyko AR.

Desexing Dogs: A Review of the Current Literature

Urfer SR, Kaeberlein

Cross species application of quantitative neuropathology assays developed for clinical Alzheimer's disease samples

Urfer SR, Latimer CS, Ladiges W, Keene CD, Benbow S, Harrison B, Promislow DEL, Kaeberlein M, Kraemer BC, Wang A, Guscetti F, Darvas M.