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Associations between physical activity and cognitive dysfunction in older companion dogs: results from the Dog Aging Project

Bray EE, Raichlen DA, Forsyth KK, Promislow DEL, Alexander GE, MacLean EL

Associations between Neighborhood Disadvantage and Dog Walking among Participants in the Dog Aging Project

Collins D, Lee H, Dunbar MD, Crowder K, Dog Aging Project Consortium

Evaluation of cognitive function in the Dog Aging Project: associations with baseline canine characteristics

Yarborough S, Fitzpatrick A, Schwartz SM, Dog Aging Project Consortium

Development and evaluation of a survey instrument to assess veterinary medical record suitability for multi-center research studies

Praczko D, Tinkle AK, Arkenberg CR, McClelland RL, Creevy KE, Tolbert MK, Barnett BG, Chou L, Evans J, McNulty KE, Dog Aging Project Consortium and Levine JM

Demographic factors associated with joint supplement use in dogs from the Dog Aging Project

Hoffman JM, Tolbert MK, Promislow DEL; Dog Aging Project Consortium

Lifetime prevalence of malignant and benign tumours in companion dogs: Cross-sectional analysis of Dog Aging Project baseline survey

Schwartz, SM, Urfer SR, White M, Megquier K, Shrager S; Dog Aging Project Consortium, Ruple A

Age and Physical Activity Levels in Companion Dogs: Results from the Dog Aging Project

Lee H, Collins D, Creevy KE, Promislow DE, Dog Aging Project Consortium

Once-daily feeding is associated with better health in companion dogs: results from the Dog Aging Project

Bray E, Zheng Z, Tolbert MK, McCoy BM, Dog Aging Project Consortium, Kaeberlein M, Kerr K

An open science study of ageing in companion dogs

Creevy KE, Akey JM, Kaeberlein M, Promislow DEL & The Dog Aging Project Consortium

Dog Models of Aging

Ruple A, MacLean E, Snyder-Mackler N, Creevy KE, Promislow DE

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) scores correlate with amyloid beta 42 levels in dog brain tissue

Urfer, S.R., Darvas, M., Czeibert, K. et al

Healthy, Active Aging for People and Dogs

McCune S, Promislow D